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Studio Expectations, Etiquette, and Safety

  • Access to the studio is only available to the general public, students and studio members during regular studio hours. Do not enter the studio outside of studio hours.

  • Schedule your activities in the studio with time to clean and exit by closing time. Please do not ask closers to stay late.

  • Only registered students, and active studio members may use the studio and equipment. Prior arrangements must be made with studio staff for guests to work in the studio. Guests will be

    expected to pay for a day pass, clay and firing costs if applicable.

  • The Clay Yard is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items. Please be sure you check all areas of the studio where you may have worked before leaving for the day.

  • For insurance reasons, children are not allowed at the studio unless they are part of a special group education session.

  • No smoking in the studio.

  • Any disrespect, harm, or harassment to Clay Yard instructors, or fellow studio members will not be tolerated.

  • We are here to help each other; please do not create a negative atmosphere.

  • Please respect all artists of the studio. Do not disrupt them while they are working, do not use their tools, or touch their work (in progress or finished) without their permission. Nothing may be removed from a side studio, locker, or cubby unless the owner is present and gives his/her permission.

  • Please be aware of voice volume with conversations.  No shouting or yelling in the studio.

  • Please practice cell phone courtesy when in the studio. Please turn your phone to the off position

    or vibrate. Take your phone conversation outside. It could be a distraction to other members or classes,

  • If you have special needs for you or your work please communicate this clearly to The Clay Yard.  A

    conversation followed up with a note and/or email will assist in the working relationship of the studio.

  • Accidents happen.  In the case of human error, or a ceramic error please be considerate to the staff and fellow artists. 

    The Clay Yard works very hard to provide the most professional community working studio possible. Staff is willing to discuss these situations in a professional manner. No hostile accusatory communication. Events can occur , especially during the firing process that are outside our control.  

  • DO NOT touch any pieces that are not yours.  

Class & General Studio

  • When class is in session the students enrolled in that class time have priority for space anywhere in the studio as well as the instructor’s full attention. Please do not ask the instructor questions or advice during class.

  • Artists and students are obligated to clean-up after themselves. See General Cleaning for Guidelines.

  • Beware and limit any studio actions that create dust. Liberation of airborne particles is hazardous

    to all of our health.

  • It is everyone’s responsibility to keep work areas safe and clean.

  • All work and studio items are to be stored on your assigned space, not in general studio areas.

  • If you require a space for a large scale sculpture please ask staff to show you an appropriate


  • OUTSIDE CLAY is not allowed in The Clay Yard without prior permission and approval.


Handling of Clay and Glaze Materials

  • This studio is a Wet Cleaning Studio. No Sweeping allowed. Wet Mop the floor space in your work area. See General Cleaning for Guidelines or staff.

  • Beware and limit any studio actions that create dust. Ie. Don’t shake out plastic bags. Liberation of airborne particles is hazardous to all of our health.

  • Always use a wet sponge to clean up clay dust.

  • Never sand indoors or without a respirator.

  • Do not eat or drink in Glaze Area.

  • NEVER add water to any glazes.  If you think a glaze is an incorrect consistency contact Eric, Scott, or Judy.

  • When working with wet glazes and stains, rubber gloves are recommended; some colorant can be absorbed through the skin.

  • If spraying glaze, it is mandatory a respirator be worn during the spraying process and the ventilation system on. This is for your safety and the safety of other potters. A full particle mask (P100 filter respirator) is better when spraying often.

Firing Procedures

  • Firing fees are one time fees based on cubic inches of the piece.  Use the cubic inch guide to determine size of the piece and appropriately complete the firing paper.  Place on bisque shelves without disturbing other pieces. 

  • Firing schedules are subject to change according to the quantity of work which is ready to fire. Please be aware of this when considering your own deadlines.

  • Cracks and defects in greenware will not be loaded into a bisque firing. Defective pots will be

    labeled and you must see the kiln tech for approval of having those pots fired. Glaze deemed to be too thick or not cleaned from bottoms will be returned to the glaze shelves to be addressed by owner.

  • Wipe your bottoms and cookie your work.

  • Do not store work on the bisque ware carts or finished ware shelves. We cannot be held responsible for damage to this work.

  • Put cookies away when you remove one from your piece post firing.

  • Do not leave unwanted work on studio shelves for staff to dispose of.

  • Studio Staff will throw-out work not removed from the shelves after being abandoned for 30 days.  Please

    watch for emails and signs announcing the throw-out dates.

  • Mid-range firings (cone 5/6) will be scheduled as the shelves fill. Be aware these may not happen as regularly as the cone 10 firings.


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